250 gr chicken fillet

1 tablespoon corn starch

2,5 cups salt-free chicken broth

1 dessert spoon soy sauce

2 carrots

4 fresh onions

A pinch of ginger

1 dessert spoon SERA tomato paste


Put 1 liter water into the pot and boil it once. Mix the pieces of chicken with the corn starch in a bowl and put in the pot stirring it to prevent them stick each other. Once it starts to boil again put the pot away from the heat and take chicken pieces out on a plate. Put salt-free chicken broth, soy sauce and ginger in the pot, put the pot on medium heat and boil it once.

When it is boiled, add boiled chicken pieces and carrots and reduce heat to law. Put its lid on your pot and simmer the soup around 15 minutes. Add the fresh onions, boil for 2 minutes and remove the pot from heat. Fry tomato paste in oil, pour this sauce on soup and serve.