Chairman’s Message

Our company has a determinant role in our sector as an outcome of its sense of high quality and satisfactory service which has never been compromised since its establishment in 1984, along with modern agricultural methods employed and introduced to our national economy recently. For years, thanks to our sense of high quality and satisfactory service, we have always maintained our prestige and market share abroad, and become a brand popular among domestic consumers which is a source of happiness and pride for us. According to figures of Turkish Exporters Assembly, Korhan Pazarlama, one of our country’s biggest food exporters, is among top 1000 exporter companies, as well as one of biggest exporter companies of its sector. Our products are in great demand and are perceived to reflect high quality not only in Turkey but all around the world. Certified under ISO 22000 (HACCP) and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Standard, our company has evolved into a corporation that creates value by combining high quality perception with leadership in modern agricultural methods, increasing revenue in foreign markets, in particular, as well as unending endeavours to achieve efficiency. We aspire to maintain all these values in our corporate body, and ensure sustainability of these efforts and achievements.

We took the road with “Sustainable profitable growth” target in 1984, and to achieve that target, we have heavily invested in harvesting machines and manufacturing machinery and equipments for improving both capacity and productivity, always doing our best to be pioneering and leader company of its sector. Before 2015 till when we would receive more solid return on our investments, we put financial improvement plans in place, achieving to convert our short-term liabilities in foreign currency into long-term liabilities in Turkish Lira. In 2016, we aim to increase our turnover, and we will continue creating value for our employees, associates, shareholders and country in line with sustainable profitable growth, high customer satisfaction, our high quality which we have never compromised, our continuous improvement-oriented efficient structure, and potent human resources.

  • İhsan Köserecep
  • Board of Director