For 40 years,Sera on your tables with naturality

We look for natural and the healthiest products to eat. For considering a product as natural, it should be grown under specific suitable and natural conditions. Natural fruits and vegetables become distinct with their smell, taste and quality. Since 1985, Sera has always aimed to provide you with natural products by preserving their natural characteristics, and as a result of this, has become a demanded brand popular among consumers.

Sera has a manufacturing infrastructure and service quality that guarantee branch-to-home delivery of all products by preserving their freshness and naturalness. Our supplier farmers are selected after a careful and diligent selection and evaluation process, duly considering maintenance of product standards and quality. Products grown by contractual farmers, four seasons a year, with great care and efforts, are subject to extensive tests and analysis according to SERA quality standards. Products decided to be offered to consumers as end products are sent to SERA manufacturing facilities for packaging.

Anka Gmbh, Sera’s logistics base in Germany-Erkelenz. Natural foods warehouse in that facility with 5.000-pallet capacity are distributed to various European countries, in particular Germany.

45 Import Countries

One of the important representatives of Mediterranean tastes in our country, Sera introduces its natural products with consumers in total 45 countries.

40.000 Tons Product Capacity

With an annual production rate of 40.000 tons, Sera offers different kinds of natural products to its customers.

Category Tonnage
Pulses 10.200
Pickles 6.000
Olives 6.000
Roasted Product 5.500
Tomato Paste 5.000
Canned Food 3.200
Ready Meal 1.700
Nuts 1.200
Jams 1.200