About Us

Serafood is one of Turkey’s leading food manufacturers with a successful background. Serafood’s brand building journey that started in 1985 in Germany continues non-stop as it has been named as a Turkish brand accepted to the Turquality program. With its two plants located in Aydın and Manisa, along with a Logistics Base located in Germany, Serafood exports high quality and healthy Mediterranean tastes to 45 countries in the world.


Being a reliable and the most reputable Turkish brand in the markets it is involved in, reflecting traditional Mediterranean cuisine culture, and distinguished from its competitors with innovative products.


Providing consumers with natural traditional Mediterranean tastes in compliance with high quality standards, in an innovative manner, and in a way that facilitates consumers’ lives. Providing sustainable benefits to our all stakeholders and community in line with ethical values.

  • Our Values
  • Innovation
  • We understand demands and potential demands in the market, and provide new solutions accordingly.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • For us, happiness of our customers is above anything else, and the customer is always right.
  • Transparency
  • We act honestly and transparently in our relations with our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Financial Performance
  • We carry out our operations with a view of sustainable performance. We adopt a smart use of our resources.
  • Responsibility
  • We work for the best interests of the society, and our products and services are designed in compliance with environmental sustainability.